About Us

Our organization was officially incorporated March 31, 1981 by William Heath, Debbie Heath, Rebecca Cox, Diane Sears, and Patrick Avinger. The incorporated name was "Association for Down Syndrome Citizens". The organization has had many leaders and members over the years with times of high and low participation.

When applying for the 501(c)3 tax exempt status the membership and board wanted to change the name and reflect ties to the Mobile County, where most participating members live. The 501(c)3 tax exempt status was granted and the organization has held this status since 2007.

The current board has set high goals for the organization and is well on its way to achieving some of the major goals associated with the medical community. The "Changing Lives" program is a major step in the right direction in this regard. Great things are happening for the organization, we are able to do more for our members and have hopes that we can do even more with the the future to come.