Pediatric Treadmills

Our Treasurer, Kimberly Pryor and her husband Stephen came across a news article discussing a study from the University of Michigan  that shows proven results of a group of 30 children with Down Syndrome walk up to 6 months earlier if treadmill therapy is used during their physical therapy sessions.

Kimberly's hard work researching pursuing this study resulted in a grant given to DSSMC to purchase 3 of the treadmills for use aiding developing children to walk sooner.  (Details and legalities are being finalized.  Further information regarding our treadmills will be communicated at a later date.)

Dr. Dale Ulrich is Interim Associate Dean of Research for the University of Michigan's School of Kinesiology and is a Professor in Movement Science and Physical Education.  Dr. Ulrich is Director of the Center for Motor Behavior and Pediatric Disabilities (formerly Center for Motor Behavior in Down Syndrome).

The Center's Mission is "To conduct and disseminate basic scientific research to better understand the complexity of individuals with Down syndrome, cerebral palsy, and spina bifida and to utilize this knowledge to design and test innovative clinical services."

Dr. Ulrich and his staff have been studying motor effects of children for many years and have numerous links to the abstracts and papers located on their web site for Center for Motor Behavior and Pediatric Disabilities.  This information is very informative and educational in assisting your child to develop quicker.

Please review the following documents for information.

Treadmill Training of Infants With Down Syndrome: Evidence-Based Developmental Outcomes

Bicycle Camp:  Children with Down Syndrome Bicycle Together