How to Positively Manage Your Child’s Behavior

Dr. Franklin Trimm of USA College of Medicine was gracious enough to speak at our latest parent education meeting regarding managing childrens behavior. Dr. Trimm spoke about and demonstrated (with the help of Scott Dennis as the "Brat" child) ways to effectively and positively manage your child's behavior.

Key points in the meeting were that a child's behavior is a learned experience and one that does not develop with one or two quick corrections. A very important correlation was a comparison of a child learning to walk. The point is very impressive and when you think about it, common sense.

When your child begins to walk, as a parent you are very protective and nurturing. The child eases to a sofa and lifts him or her self and begins to take a few steps and then falls. As a parent, your quickly move to see if the child is alright and not injured. Soon the child is steady and stands up, takes a few steps but continues to fall and the learning process proceeds with every experience. Again, as a parent, you nurture the child and encourage the progress until the child can walk.

Now think about behavior in this regard. Would the child have the same experience in learning to walk if the parent had reacted such as "How many times are you going to fall down? When are you going to walk? How long is this going to take for you to learn to walk?" (all stated in an angry tone looking in dismay down over the child). That would not be a positive learning experience and/or environment for the child would it? That is the purpose of Dr. Trimm's discussions and teaching.

Please take time to refer to Dr. Trimm's handouts from the meeting. We are very thankful that Dr. Trimm took time to educate our group in regard to this topic. We would also like to thank Dora Harding (Secretary of DSSMC) for organizing this parent education meeting.

Dr. Franklin Trimm is a Developmental-Behavioral Pediatrician, Professor, and Vice Chair of Department of Pediatrics at University of South Alabama College of Medicine